Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Its a.......

GIRL!!!! We had our big ultrasound/doctor appt. today. We had no clue/intuition of either boy nor girl going into the appt...we just wanted a healthy baby. The ultrasound was very thorough...looking at the brain, heart, lips, etc.... and SHE looks perfect:) She has my nose. She already is very dramatic and likes to pose. We can't wait until November when we can get our hands on her!! She has already stolen mommy and daddy's hearts!! I can officially start shopping....yay!!! Oh, almost forgot to share her name: Maryn Rae Romine.

I will post the U/S pics, but they are definately not as clear as last time.

Thanks for sharing in our joy!


  1. Rich just asked me when we are going shopping????? I feel like I am just getting the news that you are pregnant. Tyler sounded sooo excited when he called. Sharon says she is going shopping!

  2. so excited! Pedicure more fun for this aunt then t-ball :)