Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Forgotten Children International Visits Uganda

Tyler and I were privileged to attend the Forgotten Children International Fundraisor/Benefit last evening. It was such an amazing time! A group just returned from Uganda on Saturday. We heard many heart-wrenching stories and watched a moving video. We live as kings here with all of our luxuries that we take for granted. Many of the children in Uganda do not have a pair of shoes for their feet! Can you believe it? I have probably 50 pairs in my closet. I'm not bragging, I'm appalled at myself! There was an 18 year old girl from Uganda who spoke at the benefit. She had been captured by the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) and brutally disfigured (facial). She had been sent to the U.S. for reconstructive surgery. She went back to Uganda to visit her mother awhile ago, and the LRA had murdered her mother (and unborn child) in attempts to punish this 18 year old girl. Anyone who has not heard about the LRA should really investigate. It is ALARMING! To my knowledge, they have moved out of Uganda, but are still in the northern African countries.

This past week has been difficult. The changes in Uganda have shaken my faith. I trust that God is leading us to our child, but I also feel that these changes may be a sign that we need to reexamine. Is He speaking to us? OR, is it the devil trying to steal His thunder?

I received a text from Jade around 2:30am this morning about a little girl that has stolen Jade's heart. This girl was just dropped off at the orphanage and is having a really difficult time adjusting. She is roughly 3 years old. It BREAKS my heart! Jade texted "Please pray that she gets a family soon. I can tell this place is scary for her." So I'm asking all you followers of my blog to say a prayer for this child.

I'm praying hard that their is a positive decision reached for Uganda adoptions by the time of our next home study visit. And, I am praying for the devil to BACK OFF!!!


  1. we are a spoiled society...we all complain, but yet, have so much to be thankful for. American's have so much to be thankful for, it is a privledge to live here...we get 'emotional' and want to help when a crisis arises (like in Haiti), but this goes on each and every day.

  2. praying so much for this situation. and i will pray that He speaks clearly to you about the path He has for you!