Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a Journey this has been...

Whew...its been an exhausting few weeks! Last Thursday our case worker, AJ, made another homestudy visit. She arrived around 6:30pm and left around 9. Tyler and I felt like we were in an interview about our lives together. It wasn't bad, nor was it difficult to come up with the answers...since my husband is PERFECT to me:) Really! He is the most loving, forgiving, and supportive man!! We have so much love to share with a child, and CANNOT wait to see who God has for us.

Since all of the issues/changes that have occurred in Uganda, we took some time to examine our path. We feel that at this time Uganda is not our journey, maybe next time around. We have decided to adopt from Ethiopia. Check out Our Ethiopian Olive blog (located in my blog list). We hope to get a baby, and we are not going to specify gender.

Our homestudy visits are complete (that what AJ told us). She just has to compile the information into a document and according to what Ethiopia requires. We now have to find an agency that is approved to complete Ethiopian adoptions. Then, our agency and the other agency with work together to make sure we have every document necessary. We thought we knew which agency we would use, but the one no longer has their Ethiopian program...and the other will not use our homestudy and would require us to have another one...I don't think so!!!

So, this week I am on a mission to find/interview agencies to determine which one is right for us. I feel like we take two steps forward and one step back. But, once again, we knew this journey would not be easy and there would be set backs along the way.

Please pray for us...for guidance, strength, and direction from our WONDERFUL GOD:)

I want to thank everyone for their support and encouraging words!! We cannot wait until we can share news of our little one:)

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  1. I was just reading that there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth, there is a reason for the bumps....praying for you and Tyler. I know this was a tough decision. But, God will take you where He wants you to go....I believe you are stronger then what you think.....I love you both!