Saturday, January 9, 2010

She said "YES"

Well, we have officially taken the first real step in our Ugandan adoption journey! Barbara is over the entire Sanyu Babies Home (orphanage). So, the first step is to contact her and ask permission to come and find your child. I was SOOO nervous! I didn't know what to write/ask/say. Before, I started writing our letter, I prayed. I prayed for God to lead my hands and heart in this entire process, and especially right now as I ask for permission. I wrote about Tyler and my life story, about our infertility, about how God is leading us to Uganda and how we know without a doubt that He has our child there. I sent our letter on Thursday around noon. Barbara responded Friday morning:) She said yes! Yes, we can come! My GOD is soooo awesome!!!!

We will start our homestudy now. Once we are adoption approved, I will write to Barbara again and get a date to go to Africa!!!! I cannot tell you how good it feels to have made a first step....I wish we were leaving for Uganda today!

To our future child: I pray everyday for you! I pray that God is watching over you and protecting you. We will meet you soon! We promise to give you a wonderful, wonderful life.


  1. Such an exciting time. Cant wait!

  2. it is really happening! I read this with tears streaming down my cheeks. God is good and He is always faithful. We just need to trust. Watched Jade's video...must be the day for happy tears!

  3. oh, how freshly i remember just what you are describing. so happy for you! enjoy this journey, the process and the waiting....God will have your child for you at the PERFECT time. it is amazing.

  4. Your letter was awesome! I am so excited for you! God is so good! Several days after we said "yes" to God about going to Sanyu to find our son, Samuel was taken there. God has the most perfect child for you! God is so funny and cares about all the little details. He gave me a son with LONG eyelashes, which is something I always dreamed of, but since neither Nate or I have long eyelashes I never thought it would happen, then God have me long eyelashed, big brown eyed, PERFECT little boy!
    Can't wait to see who God has for you!

  5. This is sooo exciting!! :) God already has every detail worked out.... :) The journey is fun. Can't wait to babysit!!!